Jul 31, 2012

Hair Removal - At Home Waxing

Lately I have been on a binge of finding at home recipes consisting of home made beauty products made from things already found in cabinets and pantries.

I recently stumbled upon another bloggers recipe for an at home hair removal treatment. I figured I would try it even though I don't usually wax but prefer to shave. However I decided to try this and see if it really worked and how well.

The recipe:
1 cup Sugar     Juice from 1/2 lemon       1 cup Honey     
      popsicle stick, cotton fabric (I used an old cotton t-shirt), corn starch

Instead of me re-posting the whole directions, I'll post a link to the address. If you follow it, it really works!

I waxed my eyebrows and a few other facial areas and now my skin is super smooth and free of hair. OF COURSE with any waxing, the hair should be a little bit on the longer side to have better results.

If you would like to try, follow the link: 

Let me know how it works for you!!

Jun 11, 2012

At Home Skin Care Essentials

Lately my biggest obsession has been finding at home facials.
What girl doesn't like to have a spa like treatment in the comfort of her own home? Right?
One thing I have noticed in regards to all the facials or skin treatments made from home are some MUST HAVE ingredients that most of us usually have in our homes anyway.
I decided to compile a list of these ingredients not only for my sake but also for the sake of those who may want to pamper themselves at home as well.

Skin care at home essentials:

  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg
  • rosewater
  • coconut milk
  • honey
  • olive oil
  • brown sugar
  • un-petroleum jelly
  • raw sugar
  • egg yolk
  • lemon juice
  • tomato juice
  • non-flavored/colored gelletin
  • vinegar
I have found that lemon juice, tomato juice, and vinegar help with acne. Nutmeg and cinnamon have healing powers, and everything else helps exfoliate or just throw together a mask. 

Jun 2, 2012

True friendship - years forever after

As I was walking around with one of my friends last night, a statement was said regarding how long we have known one another. Ever since that statement my mind has stayed wrapped around what my definition of a true friend is.

I don't have a huge array of "friends" so to speak, but the select few I do have, when I think back on our time, they have been my best friends and will continue to be my best friends for life. How many people can say they have been friends for near their lifetime. 15+ years with most... its a true blessing.

First and for most my best friend ever... we have known each other and been friends since we were in kindergarden. Now being in our 20's we have 16+ years of friendship. Through those years we have always had one another's back, been there for each other through thick or thin, and never left one another's side even if we didn't agree or like a situation. We know each other better than anyone else and can be completely honest even when we know its something the other won't want to hear. There is such an incredible bond between us in which no one can understand unless they have experienced the true friendship we share. Truly my best friend for life.

As for the friend I was with when this thought occurred in my head, we have been friends since the 3rd grade. Still with all the strengths of friendship, but yet a little different than my best friend. Her and I don't talk all the time but yet we still keep tabs on each others lives. The honesty and trust doesn't lack either. Even though we may not agree on what a situation holds for the other, we can still give our honest opinions and know that the other holds that dear and the respect grows.

Then I have another friend who I use to consider one of my best. We've known each other since 2nd grade and use to be tremendously close. Her personality has always been more driven as an 'center of attention' type persona. However as we have grown older and begun our adult lives, the test of friendship has been torn by her personality trait of self consumption. There has been troublesome times where because of her own selfishness, she decided to not be there for me through what turned out to be one of my most testing life battles. Afterwards, forgiveness was given and the bonds of friendship began to re-strengthen. Yet again, as time has passed not only myself but others who have been her friend have found the bonds of friendship being broken with yet again her selfish traits.

Point of the story. Friendship is about never ending give and take. Selflessness toward one another. Being able to put yourself aside for those moments that the other needs you most. Always being there for each other. Keeping up with one another no matter what you have going on in your own life. A true relationship/friendship won't last if one person is all about the take and barely gives. Its a true balancing act and I am thankful to have the true friends I do, and yet sad to see the breaking bonds of another. 

May 16, 2012

Its not ok

Its not ok to take my heart and tempt it just because you can.
Its not ok to make me wonder if we could ever be more than friends.
Its not ok to lead me on for months on end and then drop me at a beat of a drum.
Its not ok and I'm thinking its time for me to move on.

You're always in my thoughts and in my dreams thinking about the fun we've done or could be doing.
Yet always thats where it ends and where my mind spends every minute yearning.
Its not ok and I'm thinking its time for me to move on.

Tempting every time I see your face in picture or in person.
Tempting just to talk to you and figure out why you lead me on the way you do.
Maybe all it is, is flirting and ever going misconception.
But always is the yearning of your embrace and undeniable conviction.

Left alone am I wondering why things never work out.
Left alone I'm yearning for our other go around.
Left alone I'm standing, you won't be coming around.
Its not ok and I'm thinking its time for me to move on.

One year of all this and nothing from the outcome.
Why I let you get a hold of my emotions and my feelings.
Maybe its because you feel so right or is that just my own misinterpretation.
These feelings, these wantings left abandoned and jumbled.
Still I'm left wondering is there something there to add on.

**From one of my old journals**

What is... the meaning of love

What is...
Someone giving everything up for you, even their own life
What is...
Someone always being there for you when you're sick or even depressed
What is...
Someone helping you deal with all your wrongs even sins that have left no on to turn to
What is...
An emotion that runs deep within our soul, causing us to act in certain ways
What is...
Something shared between two people to bind them so strongly together
What is...
The greatest sacrifice no one could have expected but yet so willingly let happen
What is...
The purpose of marriage, binding two people together for ever
What is...
      The meaning of Love

Life, Love, Passion

Life, Love, Passion.
With life you find love.
When love is reached and fulfilled, you find passion.
When passion happens your hearts softened,
Your love grows stronger and you life becomes better.
But when life is lost, a love is gone or broken.
Passion falls out of view and slowly your heart hardens.
We are all connected beneath one God.
With God we always have life.
Because God is love, walking with Him gives you an everlasting love.
With that ever lasting love comes a passion for everyone and everything.

Find your life in God,
   Get to know love,
       and find your passion.

Mar 23, 2012

Boss shoots self esteem to death - yet expects a smile

Nothing like walking into work, getting compliments from just about everyone about how nice you look, setting your stuff down and then being called into your boss's office only to have your self-esteem torn down completely.
What I don't understand - I have been working at my job since December. We have had meeting where work attire was to be addressed, yet our boss said no one at our center has to worry because we all dress properly.
I have spent one on one time with the franchise owner, nothing has been said.

YET - I get pulled into the office and told because I wear layers (which is my style, always has been, always will be), that I dress to young. I shouldn't wear my hair in a ponytail. And blah, blah, blah. And yet- and I quote my boss - "We don't want you to change who you are."

Even worse - My boss dares to comment, in her own way of trying to soften the conversation, that she has never thought anything of it because I REMIND her of her 16 year old daughter! - It's like WTF - thanks for taking a machine gun and shooting my self esteem to where it's barely breathing!!

I'm not going to change how I dress or who I am. They knew who I was, how I dressed, and what I am like since they interviewed me for the job. They have seen it now for over 3 months. I don't have the income to throw out my clothes and buy a whole new wardrobe.

ON TOP OF IT - my clients have made positive comments on the way I look. Most think I am older than I am. It's MORE IMPORTANT on how I carry myself and present myself with clients. I dress up, but even in jeans and a nice t-shirt - if I presented myself the right way, it wouldn't make a bit of difference how "professional" I would come across to someone.

Venting ended. I am not changing. End of story. My clothes follow the dress code set forth at work, therefore you can't legally fire me. If a place wants its workers to wear certain attire, there are a thing called uniforms. Invest in them.

Jan 8, 2012

Came From. Am Now. Going To.

Over three years ago, I was just starting my life as a young adult. I graduated high school with excellent grades, knew who I was, where I was going, what I wanted to do with my life. Then life threw me a curve ball. I was blind sided and fell in love. I came from a place where I had made a living to support myself, had money in the bank, was purchasing my first car... life was good. As years past, the person I loved and would do anything for, became so important to me that I lost myself and in turn lost much of what I worked so hard to gain. No more money in the bank, no more self confidence. I lost myself and my self worth. On top of all, I lost who I loved.
For a little over a year now, I have slowly began building myself back up. Figuring out who I am again, where I want to be. Building not only my self confidence but also digging myself out of the financial debt I found myself in.
They say it takes money to make money. This is very true. By the grace of God I was introduced to a company that not helps people touch others lives but that also helps people build and work on themselves. Self development. In the midst of this, it also provides a way for those truly devoted to provide themselves with financial freedom. Like building a home, it starts with a good foundation and from there, with time, framing, walls, electric, plumbing, and everything else slowly begins being built until you have a home. A place to be secure and free. A place full of love where you can share great memories with great friends and family.
Like building a home, I started to build my foundation of a business that will set me free. Eager to see the final out come, patience has become key. Time and money have been presented as road blocks and like all good things, change takes place. Part of growing is learning how to adapt to changes. How to overcome obstacles and hardships.
This time in my life is a place of all of that. I am learning. I am growing. I am adapting.

Not only in my own personal business, but also in my daily job. Just starting a new job at a weight loss facility. Now those who know me know I don't need to lose weight and it has never been something I have had to worry about (blessed with skinny genes). However, it is yet another chance for me to make an impact in peoples lives. A chance to help people feel good about themselves. It's a learning curve. I started this new job in a position of just customer care, being friendly, greeting customers, helping make things run smooth. Shortly into this new job, I get offered to extend myself into a new position. A position I am sure I can do, but my confidence in the knowledge I need to be the best I can is lacking. A week of training lay in my midst this week.

A week of training not only in my new day job to learn the in's and out's of how to help and encourage those who want to become healthier by loosing weight and maintaining it, but also training in my business. New fundamentals have been introduced. New certified training.
I will take pride in what I can accomplish. For now, I feel overwhelmed with the tasks that lay ahead.
I can only pray God will help guide me every step as He has done thus far.
I know its been at the mercy of His hands that I am where I am today. I am on the right track, heading in the right direction. The only thing standing in my way is me.
I will not hold myself back, nor let others hold me back from where I am suppose to be.

A year from now, I will be debt free. I will have a new car. I will have all the little necessities of life covered. I will be able to go on a real vacation just to enjoy a week away from reality, filled with fun and freedom without worrying about any financial obligations.
I will be truly free.

Jan 1, 2012

Meaning Behind the Pain

The Phoenix
A representation of rebirth. Bursting into flames and being born from its own ashes.

Although it has been months since I took 3 hours of pain to establish a life time reminder, it's purpose last. My decision to have this permanent marking came about as a reminder of dying to an old life and rising from the ashes. Starting over. A rebirth of who I am.

I want to share the Phoenix symbol with you as a reminder in the New Year of 2012.
We celebrate the New Year with beginnings of new goals, things we want to change, thoughts of something better for ourselves. We burn the negative parts of the past year and are reborn from the ashes in the New Year.

With the new year, become your own phoenix. Metaphorically burn the negatives, the things you want to forget or change from the last year, and from those ashes rise and be new. Start fresh. Start from a clean slate. Stop making excuses. Take the words 'I can't' 'but' 'I don't know' 'maybe' 'If' ... the excuses... out of your vocabulary and mind set. Begin thinking in terms of 'I can' and 'I am'

Be Born Again.