Jul 31, 2012

Hair Removal - At Home Waxing

Lately I have been on a binge of finding at home recipes consisting of home made beauty products made from things already found in cabinets and pantries.

I recently stumbled upon another bloggers recipe for an at home hair removal treatment. I figured I would try it even though I don't usually wax but prefer to shave. However I decided to try this and see if it really worked and how well.

The recipe:
1 cup Sugar     Juice from 1/2 lemon       1 cup Honey     
      popsicle stick, cotton fabric (I used an old cotton t-shirt), corn starch

Instead of me re-posting the whole directions, I'll post a link to the address. If you follow it, it really works!

I waxed my eyebrows and a few other facial areas and now my skin is super smooth and free of hair. OF COURSE with any waxing, the hair should be a little bit on the longer side to have better results.

If you would like to try, follow the link: 

Let me know how it works for you!!

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