Jun 2, 2012

True friendship - years forever after

As I was walking around with one of my friends last night, a statement was said regarding how long we have known one another. Ever since that statement my mind has stayed wrapped around what my definition of a true friend is.

I don't have a huge array of "friends" so to speak, but the select few I do have, when I think back on our time, they have been my best friends and will continue to be my best friends for life. How many people can say they have been friends for near their lifetime. 15+ years with most... its a true blessing.

First and for most my best friend ever... we have known each other and been friends since we were in kindergarden. Now being in our 20's we have 16+ years of friendship. Through those years we have always had one another's back, been there for each other through thick or thin, and never left one another's side even if we didn't agree or like a situation. We know each other better than anyone else and can be completely honest even when we know its something the other won't want to hear. There is such an incredible bond between us in which no one can understand unless they have experienced the true friendship we share. Truly my best friend for life.

As for the friend I was with when this thought occurred in my head, we have been friends since the 3rd grade. Still with all the strengths of friendship, but yet a little different than my best friend. Her and I don't talk all the time but yet we still keep tabs on each others lives. The honesty and trust doesn't lack either. Even though we may not agree on what a situation holds for the other, we can still give our honest opinions and know that the other holds that dear and the respect grows.

Then I have another friend who I use to consider one of my best. We've known each other since 2nd grade and use to be tremendously close. Her personality has always been more driven as an 'center of attention' type persona. However as we have grown older and begun our adult lives, the test of friendship has been torn by her personality trait of self consumption. There has been troublesome times where because of her own selfishness, she decided to not be there for me through what turned out to be one of my most testing life battles. Afterwards, forgiveness was given and the bonds of friendship began to re-strengthen. Yet again, as time has passed not only myself but others who have been her friend have found the bonds of friendship being broken with yet again her selfish traits.

Point of the story. Friendship is about never ending give and take. Selflessness toward one another. Being able to put yourself aside for those moments that the other needs you most. Always being there for each other. Keeping up with one another no matter what you have going on in your own life. A true relationship/friendship won't last if one person is all about the take and barely gives. Its a true balancing act and I am thankful to have the true friends I do, and yet sad to see the breaking bonds of another. 

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