Mar 23, 2012

Boss shoots self esteem to death - yet expects a smile

Nothing like walking into work, getting compliments from just about everyone about how nice you look, setting your stuff down and then being called into your boss's office only to have your self-esteem torn down completely.
What I don't understand - I have been working at my job since December. We have had meeting where work attire was to be addressed, yet our boss said no one at our center has to worry because we all dress properly.
I have spent one on one time with the franchise owner, nothing has been said.

YET - I get pulled into the office and told because I wear layers (which is my style, always has been, always will be), that I dress to young. I shouldn't wear my hair in a ponytail. And blah, blah, blah. And yet- and I quote my boss - "We don't want you to change who you are."

Even worse - My boss dares to comment, in her own way of trying to soften the conversation, that she has never thought anything of it because I REMIND her of her 16 year old daughter! - It's like WTF - thanks for taking a machine gun and shooting my self esteem to where it's barely breathing!!

I'm not going to change how I dress or who I am. They knew who I was, how I dressed, and what I am like since they interviewed me for the job. They have seen it now for over 3 months. I don't have the income to throw out my clothes and buy a whole new wardrobe.

ON TOP OF IT - my clients have made positive comments on the way I look. Most think I am older than I am. It's MORE IMPORTANT on how I carry myself and present myself with clients. I dress up, but even in jeans and a nice t-shirt - if I presented myself the right way, it wouldn't make a bit of difference how "professional" I would come across to someone.

Venting ended. I am not changing. End of story. My clothes follow the dress code set forth at work, therefore you can't legally fire me. If a place wants its workers to wear certain attire, there are a thing called uniforms. Invest in them.

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  1. Don't change who you are. God created you that way and you are special, made perfect by the Creator. I have always admired your independence and uniqueness. You always look beautiful (inside and out). That is what makes my Amy, Amy. I love you just the way you are. As long as you meet the dress code you are in the right. Some people just are jealous because of how beautiful you are. Be the bigger person and love them anyway as God would love them. I have had to deal with that most of my life. Stay strong with a gentle heart. I love you!