May 16, 2012

Its not ok

Its not ok to take my heart and tempt it just because you can.
Its not ok to make me wonder if we could ever be more than friends.
Its not ok to lead me on for months on end and then drop me at a beat of a drum.
Its not ok and I'm thinking its time for me to move on.

You're always in my thoughts and in my dreams thinking about the fun we've done or could be doing.
Yet always thats where it ends and where my mind spends every minute yearning.
Its not ok and I'm thinking its time for me to move on.

Tempting every time I see your face in picture or in person.
Tempting just to talk to you and figure out why you lead me on the way you do.
Maybe all it is, is flirting and ever going misconception.
But always is the yearning of your embrace and undeniable conviction.

Left alone am I wondering why things never work out.
Left alone I'm yearning for our other go around.
Left alone I'm standing, you won't be coming around.
Its not ok and I'm thinking its time for me to move on.

One year of all this and nothing from the outcome.
Why I let you get a hold of my emotions and my feelings.
Maybe its because you feel so right or is that just my own misinterpretation.
These feelings, these wantings left abandoned and jumbled.
Still I'm left wondering is there something there to add on.

**From one of my old journals**

What is... the meaning of love

What is...
Someone giving everything up for you, even their own life
What is...
Someone always being there for you when you're sick or even depressed
What is...
Someone helping you deal with all your wrongs even sins that have left no on to turn to
What is...
An emotion that runs deep within our soul, causing us to act in certain ways
What is...
Something shared between two people to bind them so strongly together
What is...
The greatest sacrifice no one could have expected but yet so willingly let happen
What is...
The purpose of marriage, binding two people together for ever
What is...
      The meaning of Love

Life, Love, Passion

Life, Love, Passion.
With life you find love.
When love is reached and fulfilled, you find passion.
When passion happens your hearts softened,
Your love grows stronger and you life becomes better.
But when life is lost, a love is gone or broken.
Passion falls out of view and slowly your heart hardens.
We are all connected beneath one God.
With God we always have life.
Because God is love, walking with Him gives you an everlasting love.
With that ever lasting love comes a passion for everyone and everything.

Find your life in God,
   Get to know love,
       and find your passion.