Sep 21, 2011

Two roads - One path

When leaving the comfort of our high school days, there are two roads we can chose from. The road to further our education and learn our independence in an educational environment, or the road of hard knocks and entering the adult world through working and living on our own.
I chose the second. When I began wondering down the road of becoming an instant adult, there was no doubt wondering across my mind with each step I took as to whether I would stumble or find my way with ease. The journey started out with minimal effort. I had a great job for someone of my age, bought a nice car, was living on my own, had pretty decent credit for someone as young as myself. Really hadn't run across any huge hurdles or beasts down the road I chose.
Then before too long, I realized I had been letting a snake slither along the path with me, trying to believe it wasn't causing me any harm and believing I had fallen in love with the creature. In my own foolish demise, I found this creature was the snake it appeared to be. Secretly causing me harm, slithering its way into the money I built up to keep myself safe, whispering in my ear as I slept convincing me to allow myself to buy into things, only leaving me with debt. I tripped and fell hard the day the snake decided to leave. Thought I could never make it back up, lost in the deep woods, scared that I wouldn't be able to carry on my journey.
As time passed, I learned I never needed the snake. That there are other creatures that were slowly following me along my journey, only showing themselves when I needed help the most, and then disappearing back into the darkness. I've learned hard lessons. Lesson's I would have been saved from if I had traveled down the road of education.

You see, the first road, the one that leads to education... It is a road bright and clear. It is hard work and takes dedication because it is a longer road to the final destination of becoming an adult, but it is well guided with many signs and direction. Those who journey down the road of education jump the hurdles of a couple tests, have friends (new or old) join them as they complete the journey together, have small camp fires during the night to celebrate with one another. Though it may be a longer journey, they have a bright path lined out ahead of them filled with new friends and a support team cheering them on or helping correct their steps. Unlike those who take the short cut into the working adult world... where its a short journey that we mostly experience on our own with our support team hiding in the shadows of the dark woods that surrounds our path. Learning the hard way and not finding many new friends along our path. Only finding stops to work a bit so we can pay the toll of setting out on our own. Most of us pass up the short cuts to the other road. Too busy trying to fight off the beast and vines of debt that surround us.

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