Sep 4, 2011

To stop expecting....

When you stop expecting the unexpected happens.

Have you ever realized when you set expectations so high for something to happen, it tends to not happen and you are left in disappointment?

People tend to dream or play out situations in their head, hoping or dreading a certain situation to play out the way they see it. Usually this leads someone to have an expectancy toward a situation which can either lead to disappointment or can lead to fear. The latter causing some situations to never occur or causing more complicated situations to arise.

Think of a time when you expected something to play out a certain way. When it finally did play out, did it happen the way you thought? Most of the time, it doesn't.

When you stop expecting situations to play out in the dream scape you have created in your own mind, you leave yourself open to less disappointment in life.

When you stop expecting... there is no expectations or thought up scenarios already existing....therefore the unexpected happens.

Not to say we can't have hope or dreams, but as humans we tend to linger on the things we want most and our minds become so intangled on our wants we end up writing our own fictional story.
You can't predict the mind of another, nor control their tendencies/actions.

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