Sep 29, 2011

Reliable vs. Restless

There are two types of people: Restless and Reliable

Restless people are always moving, can't sit still, their minds are wondering, they want to explore and venture. They are the people that tend to take leaps without a second thought and tend to not think things through. These are the type of people who excel when it comes to new ideas and being creative at work (or school, church, or any other environment).

Reliable people are still, thought provoking, consider every possibility, are super dependable. They are the people who tend to think things through before acting and are very organized in their attempts to do things. These are the type of people who excel at setting out a designed plan of action. Found in accounting departments and office work where organization is key.

If we relate these two types of people to a car. Restless people are the creative body of a car while Reliable people are the engine and mechanics of the car.
Neither have a purpose and can do the job they were designed for without the other, yet both can exist separate from one another.
A body of a car can hold passengers and attract others, but they cannot get them to their destinations or provide the tools necessary to run. The engine and mechanics of a car can run separately when outside of a the body, but without the body of a car it is nothing but a well thought out machine with potential.

The same applies to Restless and Reliable people.
Without Reliable people planning and providing the mechanics to restless people, restless people tend to dwindle. They may attract others to their ideas, but without reliable people helping form those ideas into plans, restless people end up going no where.
Without Restless people forming new ideas and being creative, reliable people can come up with great organization and plans, but without the creative inspiration they just have a plan without anything to apply it to.

Every person may have a little bit of both in them, however each person has a stronger tendency to be more reliable or restless. Both people, although great on their own, cannot fulfill their purpose without the other. Though Reliable people may become annoyed with the spontaneous, cant sit still, want to jump into action right now behavior of the restless, restless people become annoyed with the organized, have to have a well thought out plan of action, take things step by step behavior of the reliable.

It is when these two types of people can learn to work together that the greatest challenges can be over come and their purpose can truly be fulfilled.

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