Nov 5, 2011

True Freedom. Easier than you think.

When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up... I never had an answer. I just knew it was something bigger than corporate America. It was something where I could run the shots and no one could tell me no or when or how. I didn't have a dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or big shot athlete... no, I knew there was something much bigger for me.

The more I read about Network Marketing and the turn of the 21st century... the more I now know what my calling is. I've always liked helping people, been artistic, inventive, self-driven, and able to see the big picture. I no longer want to be a slave to the modern 9-5 job trying to climb the corporate ladder only to be told when I can advance and have limits placed on what I can earn. I no longer want to wonder if I will still have a job tomorrow or a year from now.
No what I want is to create my own security that is fully dependable on just myself. I don't want a boss to answer to, time restraints on when I can sleep or take care of the important things. I want true freedom.

This is where network marketing comes in. Here my success is built soley on what I decide to do, how much time I decide to put in -  Everything is dependant on me. It is not only learning to build a business for yourself, but to build YOURSELF. To develop personally. To get out of your comfort zone and undo the brainwashing society has influenced the many generations before me.
It is a new day, a new age, a new generation. Those who made something of themselves, who's names lasted for generations past their death... they were the one's who oppossed what society told them was the 'right way' and instead they began to venture down different avenues. Minds were thinking outside the box.

Success is in every person's grasp, but it is up to that person to take a stand and do what is necessary to become successful. People do not have to go to college to become educated. No, education comes from trial and error. Learning to think for yourself and figure out the best possible solution.
If you want to succeed stop repeating the same process over and over again. If you keep reaching the same result, step back and take a look at what you are doing. Something has to change.

Sure I could look at switching jobs. Find something that has hours that better fit what I want, more pay, better insurance...whatever it may be. That is still thinking inside the box. I still will have limits on time and money potential. I would still end up with the same result. No, what I need is something that allows me the freedom to become my own boss, decide when I work and for how long, where the earning potential is limited only by the amount of effort I put in.
What I need is network marketing. What I have found gives me the power to chose. Freedom.

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